Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hittin' the slopes!

The girls getting ready to hit the slopes for the very first time.

Waiting in line with the girls on our shoulders.

Joy Mei has no idea what's in store for her :)

Here's Mommy getting Joy Mei ready to go!

Joy Mei's first run!  She didn't want to go again, but...

...being a good Dad, I had to take her, then she was hooked :)

...and again!

Grace is ready to hit the slopes too!

Almost there...

Here we go!


I shot this video on the way down the slopes with Gracie!

Phuong enjoyed the slopes too...not too cold.

Gracie and her snow buddy Kailani.

Successful day!  I own the slopes...well, maybe not the slopes but I do own those fat snow pants  :)

Time for some sandwiches and hot chocolate.  Thanks Stroups!

The "snow" family...actually that's us, not the "snow" family...well, you get it.

The extended family.

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